FLORIDA surf lessons

Build Your Own Surf Camp in Cocoa Beach (any time of the year) – If you have 3 or more people we can set up a surf camp week for you. 

Our highly qualified surf instructors are passionate about surfing and have a burning desire to teach others to surf!!

How to paddle & Stand Up on a Surfboard

Catch & Ride Waves

Water Safety

Read the Waves

Surf Etiquette  

Further Progress your basic skills to the Wonderful World of Surfing  

We have completed our 2016 Summer Surf Camps and it was a lot of fun and well received! 

If you are seeking a surf camp in Cocoa Beach and have at least 3 people we can set up a surf camp week for you any time of the year!!!!   

We will be posting our 2017 Summer Camp Dates in the near future.

If you have questions about any aspect of Surf Camp please call/text us:  



Cocoa Beach Summer Surf Camp

We design our Surf Camps as a fun filled exciting week where we learn the basics of surfing and progress on those skills through the week!!!  

Contact us for more details:

 561-625-5375 (call/text)